About Us

We want to build a brand that offers high quality accessories and apparel for Strength sports. We offer you the tools you need to perform on the platform ,but also the gear to hit the gym in style.

Our Rep Gear Range offers you High Quality Strength training equipment, which includes our flagship product Repboards. 

We distribute our products throughout Europe direct from our premises in the heart of the Cotswolds, England.
We are constantly thinking of new innovative ways to either improve strength training equipment in the industry, or for new ways to help you maximise your potential, so keep a close eye on are Rep Gear Range for new additions.  
Our flagship product, Repboards, highlights that innovation. Repboards were invented for Powerlifters, as a replacement for using wooden boards on the bench press.

There are so many Gym Wear brands available today, which is mainly due to the increased popularity of online buying, and the rise in social media as an effective marketing tool. Now every gym in the U.K and beyond seems to have their own branded t-shirts. This is fantastic, as it gives the consumer more options to pick a brand or style that reflects who they are. We at RepelFTS wanted to launch our own Gym Wear Brand, but we wanted are use this opportunity to help send a clear message, rather than just be 'another' gym wear brand. 

Our Repel Bullies brand, represents high quality, stylish gym wear. The Repel Bullies logo symbolises anti-bullying, but with the focus on style. Many similar clothing items that try to send a positive message are loud, garish designs, that are only interested in making the message as clear as possible, rather than thinking about making the clothing item look good. We believe if the clothing looks good, consumers will wear it more, and therefore promote the message more.

Now you can look good when hitting the gym, while at the same time bringing awareness to a cause that effects all of us in some way or another. 10% of each sale from the Repel Bullies Range goes to KidScape.org.uk, which is a anti-bullying charity close to our hearts, whose mission is to provide children, families, carers, and professionals with advice, training and practical tools to prevent bullying and protect young lives.

The Repel Fitness team